Perfume-free natural cosmetics for intensive parent-child bonding!

Pure closeness. From the very first moment, it is the most important thing for babies and the basis for an intensive parent-child bond. Here, the familiar scent plays an important role. With vujo Frischling, we have developed a unique fragrance-free baby care that supports precisely this intensive bond between parent and child.
vujo Tiere

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Unfortunately, shipping free product samples to share with your moms is limited to Germany.

From dermatologists - specially developed for sensitive baby skin

Developed in close cooperation with dermatologist Prof. Dr. med Markus Szeimies for the sensitive skin of babies, we have all our products manufactured in Germany under strict control, with a lot of love and just as much care - and of course dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Because when it comes to the well-being of the little ones, we leave nothing to chance! Also for this reason, we use only 100% natural-based and natural cosmetics compliant ingredients. In addition, our products are vegan.

Our promise - for the safety babies need

Logo Nachhaltigkeit
Certified, vegan natural cosmetics from Germany
Logo Parfümfrei
Perfume-free - for intensive parent-child bonding
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Developed for sensitive baby skin
*free from ethanol
Free from mineral oils, synthetic
fragrances, silicones, parabens,
PEGs and microplastics

Our products

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