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Certified, vegan natural cosmetics from Germany
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Perfume-free - for intensive parent-child bonding
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Developed by dermatologists for sensitive baby skin
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*free from ethanol
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Free from mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, silicones, parabens, PEGs and microplastics.

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Certified natural cosmetics - naturally perfume-free for the intensive bond with your baby

Pure closeness. From the very first moment, it is the most important thing for your baby and the basis for an intensive parent-child bond. The familiar scent plays an important role here. It helps your baby orient itself, gives it security and safety. And for parents, too, there is nothing more beautiful than the scent of their own baby. The requirements for the right care for your child are therefore special: It must gently cleanse and care for the sensitive skin, but without masking the natural scent of your baby.
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From dermatologists - specially developed for sensitive baby skin

Developed in close cooperation with dermatologist Prof. Dr. med Markus Szeimies for the sensitive skin of babies, we have all our products manufactured in Germany under strict control, with a lot of love and just as much care - and of course dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. All vujo Frischling products are very well tolerated by sensitive baby skin!

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Community feedback

"Not only the @vujo.frischling products are great but also the brand behind them is recommendable: all products in sustainable packaging and codecheck safe."

"... the mouse had extremely skin problems initially (neurodermatitis) and nothing helped except @vujo.frischling
My midwife at the time totally spoke for these products."

"Elli still has some milk crust on her head. We use the baby oil from @vujo.frischling ... without perfume ... and therefore super suitable".


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