Naturally. Out of love.

Love and the need for undisturbed and pure closeness to the baby were the impetus for vujo Frischling founder Carola Lehmann to develop a baby care that convinces own all levels. Her vision: a complete care series whose natural ingredients parents can rely on without hesitation. Which does not contain any irritating perfumes or fragrances, so that the baby's natural scent is preserved. For moments of genuine closeness and an intensive parent-child bond.

Naturally. By experience.

In addition to the founder's many years of experience in the field of medical products of your healthcare company, it is the medical expertise from the everyday practice of dermatologist Prof. Dr. Rolf-Markus Szeimies that makes vujo Frischling special. As a dermatologist and allergist, he encounters children and adults with skin problems such as neurodermatitis on a daily basis. Findings from scientific studies and his knowledge of the special features and needs of sensitive baby and children's skin have been incorporated into the development of the products. The result is convincing all along the line! Dermatological tests by independent institutes confirm: All vujo Frischling products are very well-tolerated by sensitive baby skin!

Baby skin - why is it so sensitive?

Compared to adult skin, the baby's horny layer and epidermis are significantly more permeable and the skin's protective barrier is not yet developed. At the same time, your baby's skin is its largest sensory organ - so it needs very special protection and care.


Baby skin - what it really needs?

Your baby's skin needs extra love, attention and care, because it is not yet fully developed.


Baby skin - why less is more when it comes to baby care?

There are substances that have no place in baby care. These are fragrances, certain alcohols, but also essential oils, calendula or chamomile. They harm the baby's skin and/or belong to the allergenic substances.


Baby care - why safety must be tested?

Safety is the be-all and end-all when it comes to baby care. The rising number of allergies and intolerances is making parents increasingly uncertain. Of course you value the highest quality - especially when buying baby care. But how can you be sure that you have found the right products for your baby?


Sustainability - why is vujo Frischling also good for the environment?

vujo Frischling also represents sustainability in packaging.


Baby Essentials Set

Everything you need for the tender care of your baby, you will find in our vujo Frischling Baby Essentials Set - from baby oil to baby nappy cream.


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